Rocky Mountain Region ACS

The Rocky Mountain Region of the ACS comprises a large geographical area that encompasses the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. There are seven local sections within the Region- Central Arizona, Central New Mexico, Central Utah, Colorado, Salt Lake, Southern Arizona and Wyoming, making it one of the smallest Regions in terms of number of ACS members. The Region was founded in 1972, primarily through the efforts of E. Gerald Meyer (Wyoming) and William Cook (Colorado). The Region Board is comprised of members selected by each of the local sections as well as Officers (Chair, Chair elect and Secretary/Treasurer). The primary mission of the Board is to support Regional meetings on a biennial basis hosted by one or more of the local sections.


Rocky Mountain Regional Meetings

RMRM 2021 Tucson
RMRM 2023 Laramie



Photo credit: Thomas Morse